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Muji's Massive New U.S. Flagship: Here's What to Expect

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Minimalist Japanese lifestyle brand Muji, which recently made headlines with some rather fab tiny homes, officially opens its new U.S. flagship in New York City today, taking up a two-floor, brick-adorned space right across from the landmark main branch of the New York public Library. The new location, the 11th in the U.S.—and at nearly 12,000 square feet, the largest in North America—piles on new product lines and in-store services previously only found in Japanese stores, along with NYC-specific designs and collaborations. Here's what's on offer.

1. Everything!

From the line of streamlined kitchen appliances recently launched for the American market (↑) to storage boxes in shapes and sizes you never knew existed to some pretty handsome furniture, this new store seems to have every possible facet of home life covered.

Aroma Labo

Imported straight from Muji's Tokyo stores, this counter is where you can customize a scent for aroma diffusers (choosing from 48 types of essential oils) and wait for Muji staff to blend it right away. Each 10 mL bottle costs $18.

Embroidery station

Though Muji is known for embracing a a white, clear, and beige palette, the new flagship store tries to add some fun and color by way of an embroidery service, also previously only available in Tokyo. Customers can choose from over 100 designs to customize their Muji products. The service costs $3 and has a three-day turnaround time.

Stamp bar

Stamp bars for decorating stationery aren't new to Muji stores, but this one, still free to use, is the largest one yet in the U.S.

Local collaborations

Beyond tote bags and apparel designed with NYC in mind (read: using symbolic graphics like taxis, squirrels, apparently a Central Park reference), a portion of the products in the new store are actually produced by local businesses. Japanese plant shop Green Fingers (↓), for example, contributed a bunch of indoor plants, and Cafe Grumpy is partnering with Muji to sell their coffee beans.

Found Muji

Perhaps the coolest section is Found Muji, an initiative started by Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa that aims to turn valuable everyday objects from cultures around the world into products fit for modern living. The new flagship introduces the largest Found Muji collection in the U.S., a selection that includes a new line of housewares informed by Basque Country.

Muji is located at 475 5th Ave, New York, NY.

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