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Peek Inside a Seattle House Made Over by Tom Kundig

Last time we checked in on The Dowell Residence, Paul H. Kirk's Seward Park 2-BR was on the market in June 2014 asking $1.5M. The eventual buyer at $1.44M was Charles Smith, winemaker and owner of Charles Smith Wines. Smith is the kind of guy who likes to make a bang (he puts pictures of bombs on his wine bottles after all) so he brought in the heaviest architectural hitter in the region, Tom Kundig, to "refresh the home." It says something about Smith that he moved into this architectural gem and thought "let's make it more ME" but we suppose that such your wont when you've got that kind of money. Renovations include new walnut cabinets, black-granite counter, Wolf six-burner range and dining-room pass-through for the kitchen.

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