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Après Ski S1E4: It's All Downhill From Here

Welcome to Après Ski, a new Bravo reality show set in Whistler Blackcomb. Each week, Curbed Ski will be recapping the highs, the lows, and all the ski-town drama. Have something to say? Send us an email.

After last week's explosive dinner wherein Elise implied that Bobby was a racist because he made Kendra act as the butler, it was only inevitable that the Gibbons team would be dealing with the fallout this week. And don't worry, the concierges did not disappoint. Most of the episode was spent fighting over who was wrong, Bobby or Elise. But the concierges also planned two different activities for their newest clients, including what might be the most awkward proposal ever. Finally, the episode ended with another tragic team building dinner. The drama is heating up in Whistler.

We'll get to the typical reality show explosives in a sec, but first let's talk about this week's clients. Lynsey, Bobby, and Charlotte were tasked with creating an adventurous but luxurious experience for clients Siavash, Anya, and Nic. Of course they choose zip lining at Canada's highest zip line followed by champagne, sushi and massages on site. When they notice Nic is actually terrified of heights, the team scrambles to calm him down in order to avoid another gondola-dinner disaster. Liquid courage in the form of Fireball (of course) and the encouragement of Lynsey gets Nic across the abyss with a smile on his face and lots of profanities. Ultimately, the adventure is considered a success, though there's no way in hell Nic is ever doing that again.

As for the team's second set of clients, Lauren and Colin, they're coming to Whistler for a sexy "winter wonderland" photoshoot. Duh. Kendra, the fashionista of the bunch, and Jim, the local, are responsible for this experience, but when Collin discloses he'll be proposing, Elise butts in and takes over the shoot. Here's where things get real awkward. After the sexy lumberjack portion of the photoshoot, Lauren and Colin strip down to their skivvies to shoot in the bathroom. Colin then pops down on one knee and proposes to Lauren. Who is in her underwear. In a bathroom. With people she doesn't know. Um, how romantic?

Following this awkwardness, we next see Lauren and Colin fully clothed riding up the mountain in a gondola with Lynsey and Jim to "shred the gnar." Lynsey, trying to fulfill the clients' wishes, throws Elise under the bus, surprise surprise, but at least we get to see some skiing on this mountain-based show.

On to the team dinner: Elise comes in contrite after her meeting with Tamara, but her apologies fall on deaf and unreceptive ears. The rest of the team feels like she's a terrible manager, but Jim takes this on as his cause celeb and berates Elise for her lack of leadership resulting in "hashtag fail." We'll see where this screaming match in a public restaurant lands the team next week. Until then.

- Tara Tubb