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This Urn Is Made Out of Diseased Chicken Carcasses

Here's an urn that's made out of the corpses of bird flu-infected poultry. Happy Thanksgiving!

There's actually a good reason behind the project, though (which is made from chickens, not turkey). Dutch designer Emilie van Spronsen created the urn and a stool out of feathers and bones from chickens that were slaughtered after an outbreak of H5N8 avian flu in the Netherlands in order to make a point about waste. "It's the ultimate waste of our overproduction, and the chicken itself is neglected completely," she explained. "So I brought a last homage to these H5N8 bird flu chickens, by transforming them into design materials and ultimately by designing objects with the materials." So remember, use as much of the turkey as you can this Thanksgiving, although you will be forgiven if you don't manage to turn its bones into an urn.
· Slaughtered bird flu-infected chickens transformed into furniture by Emilie van Spronsen [Dezeen]