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Curbed Gift Guide: 193 Ideas for Everyone On Your List

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For Curbed's very first holiday gift guide, the editors sought to round up interesting gifts for all the interesting characters in your life. Architecture-loving child? Check! Dog-obsessed neighbor? Check! Sister with a burgeoning green thumb? Check, check, check. With nearly 200 ideas spanning tech, toys, textiles, books, and more, these gift guides should provide endless inspiration for everyone you might be shopping for this holiday season.

Without further ado, unleashing gift ideas for...

Your Aunt With the Party-Perfect Backyard

The Kid Architect in Your Life

Your Brother Who Needs Help Decorating His Tiny Home

Your Dog-Obsessed Neighbor

Your Sister, Gardener Extraordinaire

Your Hometown BFF

Your Mother-in-Law Who Worships Nancy Meyers

The Tech Startup Superstar in Your Life

Your Favorite Optimistic Architecture Student

Your Dad Who Prefers His Grill to Gadgets

Your Your Crafty, Pinterest-Inspired Niece

The Person Who Has Everything

...Annnnd people obsessed with architecture and cities! Check out these additional ideas sourced from across the Curbed network:

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Amazing Cape Cod-Themed Presents

Holiday Gifts For New Orleans Architecture Lovers

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