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Domed Penthouse Atop NYC Police Building Wants $39.9M

There are a lot of wacky apartments in the former NYPD headquarters at 240 Centre Street: there's the Charles Gwathmey-designed duplex in the building's former gymnasium; there's the "UFO apartment," a circular pad that film producer Megan Ellison snapped up in 2013; and then there's this domed penthouse, which just hit the market for $39.9 million. The 6,000-square-foot apartment, which has four bedrooms and five bathrooms, was once inhabited by Calvin Klein and Steffi Graf. Its current owners had the place redone by designer Michael Bagley, who gave the apartment a look inspired by '30s and '40s Paris; he also discovered a secret room hidden behind the clock in the domed tower, which is now in use as a family room. (Yes, really.)

Peek inside. >>