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'50s Mumbai House Gets Fancy Steel Garage for Luxury Cars

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In western Mumbai's posh neighborhood of Pali Hill, a verdant, hilly terrain dotted with sculptural villas, this 60-year-old house just got new twin extensions to shelter the homeowners' luxury cars. The main aim of local firm Shroffleon was to introduce something that's modern yet blends well with the existing landscape. The material of choice here is Corten steel, which is not only resistant to corrosion but also a great aesthetic fit: its orange-ish patina gives the canopies a weathered look that goes well with the rain-drenched color palette of Mumbai.

The materials used in the underside mirror materiasl used within the home, which include basalt stone and ipe wood. Also neat: the canopies employ a gridded pattern of grooves that doubles as lighting and gutters to channel rainwater into nearby planters.

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