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Après Ski S1E1: No Business Like Snow Business

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Welcome to Après Ski, a new Bravo reality show set in Whistler Blackcomb. Each week, Curbed Ski will be recapping the highs, the lows, and all the ski-town drama. Have something to say? Send us an email.

Last night, reality TV hit the ski world with the premier of Bravo's new show Après Ski. And while there was minimal skiing involved, the show did highlight some of the many things that makes vacationing in Whistler so awesome: the adventure, the beauty, and yes, the good-looking mountain folk. Curbed Ski breaks down the highlights, the lowlights, and why a naked man served rich people champagne in the snow.

As the pilot episode, "No Business Like Show Business" introduces the travel concierge team that provides over-the-top vacations for the rich and famous. Canadian hospitality mogul Joey Gibbons heads up the project, popping in and out of the show with authority.

Here's the rest of the cast:

Jim: The eye-candy mountain man who is the only one we actually saw take turns on the snow. See our Q&A with Jim over here. Jim's best line of the night, "Are you pointing fingers at how we're dressing? That's bold."

Elise: The divorced city-manager who is all about the attitude, working out, and high heels. Seriously, what is up with these Vegas outfits? But we love Elise for her strong personality and the drama that's sure to follow. Her best line of the night, "They've never been to Whistler! Uh oh, we're about to pop their cherry, ya'll. Pop pop."

Tamara: The CEO of Gibbons Life who looks to be above all the drama.

Bobby: The charming gay best friend every girl wishes she had. His best line of the night, "I've been partying with rich people for years, except now I'm getting paid for it."

Charlotte: Bobby's best friend who left her boyfriend back in Vancouver and seems hopelessly out of her league. When asked about her biggest weakness, Charlotte fumbled, "I'm not the best with details." Oof.

Kendra: World traveler who speaks four languages but can't seem to find the Gibbons Life office in Whistler Village. Kendra's best line, "Guys, it's wine-o-clock."

And last but definitely not least:

Lynsey Dyer: Lynsey makes an appearance halfway through the episode, but she's already our favorite. The show introduces her as a big mountain skier who jumps out of helicopters, but the other coworkers clearly have no idea just how big of a name Dyer is in the ski world. Her best line, "I don't usually wear prom dresses to work."

Most of the cast is staying at the "Concierge House," which looks pretty baller:

The clients: In this episode there are two different groups of clients. Kiki, who's brought her girlfriends for a luxury weekend, and two other couples who are identifiable only because of their intense drinking, pickiness, and rudeness.

The concierge team runs around planning events for their clients, ranging from dog sledding to spa treatments to hot springs. While dog sledding, the team hires a "butler in the buff" to serve chocolate-covered cherries, because of course. They also plan a dinner on the Peak 2 Peak Gondola which turns out to be an awful idea for the resident hung-over Vegan.

So what do we have to look forward to this season?

· More fashion wars between city-woman Elise and the mountain team of Jim and Lynsey.

· There's obviously something brewing between Jim and Lynsey. Is romance in the air?

· More ridiculous client requests. In the first episode, we met Courtney, who decided not to tell Gibbons Life that she was a claustrophobic, anxious Vegan. You can bet there will be plenty of clients who are even more ridiculous than Courtney.

· Drinking. And lots of it.

Stay tuned for next week's recap.