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At Long Last, There Is Now a Standing Desk You Can Control With Your Smartphone

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The standing desk is the answer to the burning question: What is the most expensive way that I can own a desk?

So far, nothing beats the lying-down desk, but the TableAir is pretty good, too, setting you back €2,299 or €2,798 if you want it to have a wood surface. (You do. Of course you do.) And it really encapsulates everything that the whole standing desk thing is all about, because—get this—this is a desk that you control with your smartphone. You know that incredibly strenuous thing you have to do where you manually adjust your standing desk to the height you want it? Now you don't have to do that anymore! You know that thing where your desk doesn't have ambient LED lighting? Problem solved. This is truly the desk of the terrible, terrible future.
· TableAir [via Inhabitat]