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11 Shipping Containers Went Into This Cozy Pennsylvania Home

Located across the street from the Delaware River, this home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania fuses a stack of standard shipping containers with a raised concrete foundation, putting a twist on the ever-popular love-hated shipping container home trend. Its owners, couple Martha Moseley and Bill Mathesius, designed the layout themselves, placing eight containers on the second floor and three on the third floor, some of which were combined to form larger, open areas.

Inside, most of the spaces look clean covered in plaster, but at select moments, the home's industrial roots poke through. For example, container scraps form a decorative siding for the central staircase (itself built from hand-welded steel). And in the guest room, the corrugated surface of a container is left fully exposed, albeit painted in a cozy plum hue. Dwell has all the details and photos.

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