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Scientists Have Created a Better Urinal

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To be honest, we were under the impression that the vast majority of adult males had already figured out how to not get pee on themselves while using a urinal, but apparently splash back (as it is called) is a big enough problem that physicists at Utah State University embarked to design a urinal insert to combat the problem. And design it they have—their creation, made out of Vantablack, a moss-like coating made using carbon nanotubes, is apparently a "black hole" of urine, allowing droplets to get in but not to leave, which is equal parts cool and gross. These things sound pretty expensive to manufacture, though, so don't expect to see them in any urinals in the near future. For now, we'll all just have to, uh, continue not peeing on ourselves.
· Physicists Create "Urine Black Holes" To Solve the Splashback Problem [Gizmodo]