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Mod Arizona House Elevates the Lowly Concrete Block

Photos by <a href="">Bill Timmerman</a> via <a href="">Designboom</a>.
Photos by Bill Timmerman via Designboom.

Departing with the typical residential architectural style found in an historic enclave of Tempe, Arizona, Scottsdale-based Chen + Suchart Studio created a thoroughly modern house for clients that lent their name to the finished product, which is dubbed the Sosnowski Residence. The house rises two stories, with the lower level accommodating guest rooms and several common areas and the upper level holding the house's more private areas. Stalwart concrete-block walls protect street level interiors from the prying eyes of passersby and provide a rough backdrop for furnishings and finishes inside. The house's seemingly helter-skelter arrangement of modules—alternately clad in Cor-Ten steel and glazed in sections—is actually carefully considered scheme by the designers, who sought to create privacy and preserve views where possible. Check it out!

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