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L.A. Startup Offers Chic Wood Furniture With Cushion Comfort

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We love this seating, which marries the tactility of hard wood with the comfort of soft, cushioned furnishing. For those who have a complicated relationship with upholstery—and its potential for staining from spills and other mishaps—this rad seating system by Los Angeles-based designer Adam Friedman may be the answer. Tiny, individual blocks of wood are bound together with elastic over a cushioned surface. The blocks create a flexible surface that responds to your weight as you sit and move over the surface, behaving much like memory foam. A patented seating surface innovation, it comes in the form of a chair and a five-foot long bench that is made of 450 separate pieces of wood, with price ranging between $4,000-$6,200 and available at Friedman's Sitskie Design Studio. Apart from providing a different tactile experience of wood, we love it for its ability to handle an accident or two.

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