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Bizzarro 1958 Ship House in the Hollywood Hills For Sale For First Time in Decades

Anybody bored with the state of home design might want to check out this eccentric three-bedroom, three-bathroom house in the Hollywood Hills—the listing says to "bring your imagination" and it's not clear if that's an invitation or a warning. The 3,881-square-foot multicolor wonderland doesn't have much of a view of the city skyline for a house in the hills, but you'll be too busy exploring every nook and cranny of the wacky interior to notice. It comes with a big living room skylight, second-floor loft with fireplace, indoor observation deck, a backyard deck with pool and hot tub, and every shape of door and window you can possibly imagine. The ship was last on the market in 1971 (for only $43,000!) and is now asking $1.585 million.

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