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How Many James Bond Gadgets Would You Use in Your Everyday Life?

This supercut of all 193 gadgets that the different James Bonds have ever used had us wondering: how many things has Q branch produced that we could use in our everyday lives?

The answer, it turns out, is not many, unless you want to kill somebody, blow something up, or you live on a lake. Nothing from the Sean Connery era would be even slightly useful today. (A camera that can take eight pictures in a row! A waterproof radio watch! The rest are guns.) Roger Moore's watch that turns into a spinning blade could be good for cooking. Pierce Brosnan's BMW comes with tires that re-inflate automatically when they go flat. And at one point Q gives Timothy Dalton a lockpick ("It opens 90 percent of the world's locks") so that could come in handy if you misplaced your keys.

We'll also take an Aston Martin with a cloaking device because why not.
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