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Incredible Cape Cod Art Studio-Turned-Condo Asks $1.75M

Once upon a time, as in from 1945-66, this Provincetown listing was home to the abstract expressionist painter Hans Hofmann's art school and studio. These days, the 1,737-square-foot space is a rather incredible two bedroom, one bath condo. Built in 1820, the unit features original flooring and a ship-timber constructed gallery around the hearth. The living room's "19' high space is illuminated by an 11'X14' studio window" with a loft and gallery. As for evidence of the studio's artsy past, "throughout the Studio there are reminders of its history including Hofmann's signature upon the door to his office, easel and paint pallet." Asking price for the West End stunner is $1,750,000.

It's asking $1,750,000 >>