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Architect Builds Himself an Adorable Eco-Conscious Cottage

Photos by <a href="http://www.quintinlake.com/">Quintin Lake</a> via <a href="http://www.dezeen.com/2015/11/30/gresford-architects-old-water-tower-house-traditional-barn-passivhaus-berkshire-england/">Dezeen</a>.
Photos by Quintin Lake via Dezeen.

Designed and built in stylistic homage to the vernacular timber-clad dwellings in the Berkshire region of the English countryside (in the country's southeast), this gabled beauty is the home of its designer, Tom Gresford of London firm Gresford Architects. But in a departure from the norm for such quaintly cute residences this overachieving house—dubbed The Old Water Tower—is also built to be entirely energy independent, and will someday draw all the energy it needs from rooftop photovoltaic panels. The two-story house has rather-nice, simple interiors that include wood floors and whitewashed walls. Instead of the de rigeuer open plan, the space is divided into a series of open-plan and more traditional, enclosed bedrooms, bathrooms, and other nooks. Take a look.

Gresford Architects completes energy-efficient home modelled on a traditional barn [Dezeen]