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You Can Ride a Turbine at the World's First Wind-Powered Theme Park

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Dutch renewable energy company Qurrent just announced that is it creating the "world's first sustainable theme park" When you think about it, theme parks have got to be pretty up there in terms of unsustainability, so this certainly seems like a worthy project. And, in addition to that, it looks terrifying. Roller coasters are one thing, but, in fact, the more roller coaster-like rides here are not even the most terrifying ones. That title goes to the thing where you are just strapped to a giant wind turbine and spun around, which may or may not be the one described as a "shockingly fast ride on a turbine blade booster." We already imagine those things to be pretty fast, so if the ride is shockingly fast relative to our thanks.
· Ride a wind turbine in this crazy wind farm amusement park [Inhabitat]