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Après Ski S1E5: Sliding Downhill

Welcome to Après Ski, a new Bravo reality show set in Whistler Blackcomb. Each week, Curbed Ski will be recapping the highs, the lows, and all the ski-town drama. Have something to say? Send us an email.

Last week, we left the Gibbons Life team in rough shape. Tensions were high due to the normal drama of strong personalities and extreme situations, and the show didn't disappoint with arguments and tears. In the latest episode, the staff wants to boost morale but let's face it, on-air fights are what reality tv is all about, even in the mountains.

Elise and Tamara have a talk after last week's epic battle and Tamara emphasizes that she is not messing around, "Whatever we need to do to make this one big happy family, we will do. If not, the family will be separated." Oh, snap.

Then it's time for awkward meeting. But wait, no fireworks! Instead it's on to the new clients. Mashiah, Christie, and Reagan who have two special requests: a shot ski and a bear selfie. Weird. These women claim that they are not high maintenance. Riiiiight. As Bobby says later, "They're already annoying and they just hot here."

The other client is a "glitterati" (whatever that means) couple who want to do something adrenaline and something romantic. On to bobsleds and horses!

Curbed Ski knows all about how much fun it is to bobsled, but this was a new experience for the Gibbons team. And although the concierge team thrilled their clients, they of course have to argue about who else is going to get to bobsled. Poor Bobby gets left out.

And here's how he feels about it:

On to the horses. Who knew that not only is Jim a dashing mountain man, but he also grew up riding horses.

Meanwhile the other clients were headed to lunch at a remote cabin via a very bumpy van ride. And as bitchy clients are wont to do, they need tampons. Because of course. To their credit, they do well on the snowmobiles. And they don't fail on the shot ski.

The drama reaches new heights as Jim heads to the top to complain about Elise as a manager. He doesn't just tell Joey that Elise should be gone, he also says that he wants her job. Bold.

And of course Jim's conversation with Joey set things up for another Gibbons Team showdown.

More fighting, more yelling, more tears. And it ends with Tamara saying that things are going to change. Look for a mix up in the staff next week.