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One of Those Mega-Basement Townhouses in London Just Collapsed

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The apparently ongoing trend among the London superrich is to build down when building up and out is not an option, creating "mega-basements" under their fancy city townhouses. Of course, some have raised concerns about the safety of digging out enormous basements under existing houses, and this week some of the critics' concerns have been realized as a £3.5 million Georgian townhouse in West London collapsed suddenly. Incredibly, no one was injured. The director of the construction company that had been doing work on the house commented: "It's just an old building. It's nothing to do with the work."
· Ex-Phones4U boss's £3.5m townhouse COLLAPSES after caving 'like a tower of cards' as workers build mega-basement with cinema and wine room - yards from the River Thames [Daily Mail]