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Climb Cougar Mountain to This $3.1M Seattle Home

Somewhere on 0.85 acres there should be enough room for an 8,790 square foot house, a 5 car garage, and a basketball court - and there is with this 6 bedroom, 6.25 bath Mediterranean on Cougar Mountain. Mountain is also a hint, because the ground slopes enough that the driveway looks like it starts out higher than the roof, the multiple floors (that looks like 3 but is listed as 0) step down the hill, but to get to the basketball court requires stepping down what could be about 50 more steps. But the slope opens the view, and the $3,100,000 house gets a multi-million dollar view of the Puget Sound region including Seattle's skyline, the Sound, and the Olympics. If being up that high makes you want to spend time indoors, don't worry. The style is theatrical with dual sweeping staircases, indoor balconies, lots of polished marble, richly painted walls, and arches and trimwork that curves to soften the structure

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