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4 Firms Shortlisted to Save Ailing London Landmark

In case you haven't heard, London's Houses of Parliament (also more grandly known as the Palace of Westminster) has fallen on hard times. The mid-19th-century complex, as it stands today, was rebuilt after an 1840 fire caused extensive damage to the original structure, leading to its demolition. Four firms, including Lord Norman Foster's Foster + Partners, have made a shortlist of studios who could be tasked with given the ailing landmark a much-needed lift, reports ArchDaily, in work that could cost upwards of £5.7 billion (or about $8.6 billion USD at the time of this writing) and take up to a whopping 32 years, according to The Guardian.

The four firms in consideration, in addition to the powerhouse Foster + Partners, include HOK, BDP, and Allies and Morrison. Though it isn't yet clear when an announcement will be made about which firm has clinched the win, work isn't expected to begin until 2020.

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