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Chicago's Greatest Surviving Gilded Age Mansions, Mapped

Chicago's Gilded Age past might seem a distant memory (and the lost mansions we profiled last month make the glitter seem distant indeed), but not all of the edifices constructed by the well-heeled met the indignity of a wrecking ball. Today, the city still boasts many impressive residences dating from before the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 through the early 20th Century, from Prairie Avenue on the south to Austin on the west and Rogers Park on the north, houses designed by H.H. Richardson, George Maher, Henry Ives Cobb and Richard E. Schmidt stand in silent testimony to the ambitions of their builders. Some look backward, evoking the grandeur of an idealized Europe in Chateauesque and Baroque styles and others look forward to the Arts & Crafts and Prairie movements. While some have been adapted and reused as hotels, offices, condos (one has even been proposed as a co-working space), many still shelter a single family. Here are sixteen of the greatest examples still standing.

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