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Madrid Flat Shows How to Do Subtle Holiday Decor With Style

Just in time for the holidays, Nuevo Estilo takes us inside a classically renovated apartment in the heart of Madrid that shows how to tackle seasonal decor with a delicate elegance. The living area pictured above, already blessed with intricate moulding and a '40s heirloom chandelier, has been dressed up in subtle Christmasy trimmings like illuminated twig trees, glowing mantel-top candles and star cut-outs, and dainty octagonal lanterns.

The same holiday spirit can also be seen in the dining room, where restored Elizabethan chairs mix with festive copper candlesticks. Add in the glam, velvet upholstery at the other end of the expansive living room, and this pad is ready to holiday-party in style. Check out Nuevo Estilo for the full story (rad, vintage furnishings ahead!)

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