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Renting in Ewok Village Costs $425/Night on the Star Wars Airbnb

Digital agency Viget has created a thoroughly delightful little website that mashes up the Star Wars universe with Airbnb to create Starbnb, a place where you can stay in Jabba the Hutt's party palace (VIP throne room access included) for $140/night, be encased in carbonite for $200/night, or just relax at Luke's hometown moisture farm for a mere $85/night, to name a few. And they've left the comments sections open, so people have been leaving reviews. "The high ceilings are to die for, but in all honesty the proprietor could stand to spring for a humidifier," said one reviewer who had stayed in Wampa's ice cave. "When I woke up I was extremely parched and had quite the bloody nose. The price was reasonable to the point that I would say it costs an arm but not a leg."
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