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Fashion Editor's Fab Brooklyn Apartment Mixes Old and New

For Rajni Jacques, moving to Bedford-Stuyvesant was a homecoming of sorts. When she was younger, one of the first movies that had a big impact on her life was Spike Lee's seminal film, Do the Right Thing, about simmering racial tension in the neighborhood in the late 1980s. The film left an indelible mark on Jacques, and right from that first viewing, she knew Bed-Stuy was the place she wanted to be. Now a painting depicting Mookie hangs above her dining table at her two-bedroom apartment on Bainbridge Street, where she has lived along with her husband for the past two years. "I wanted to live somewhere that had a high black population, and that celebrated black culture," Jacques told Curbed. "Bed-Stuy has always been that way for me—I always wanted to live here or be connected to here in some way."

There is just so much light that everything seems brighter" >>