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High-Tech Makeover Turns Vintage Credenzas into Bluetooth Speakers

With a nostalgic design that recalls the nascent days of at-home music listening, updated for the technological needs of 21st-century audiophiles (and tastes of vintage loving city dwellers), this credenza with a built-in Bluetooth speaker system is quite nice. Created by Italian industrial designer Paolo Cappello for Meolo, Italy-based Miniforms, the mid-size 'Caruso' credenza comes in four finishes, while the gramophone-style speaker is available in six hues, from "anthracite" (a dark gray) to "ceramic pink." The 39-inch-wide credenzas are a good size for apartment dwellers, and also double as storage for dishware, books, vinyl records, and more. We dig it!

paolo cappello designs caruso, a bluetooth music cabinet for miniforms [Designboom]