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This Aluminum Prefab Was Designed to Be Mobile, Stackable

Prefab fever is high as ever: fresh off news of $250K designer prefabs, we caught wind of another ambitious effort, this time hailing from Hong Kong. This new mobile prefab shelter concept, called the Alpod, is intended for use as anything from a primary home to a vacation cottage, micro office, or mobile shop. Designed by local firm James Law Cybertecture in association with Chinese prefab company Aluhouse and international design and engineering firm ARUP, the 480-square-foot module is outfitted with an aluminum shell and interior with built-in LED lighting, full-height sliding doors, and an integrated kitchenette and bathroom. A prototype is currently on show in Hong Kong, and the product is expected to launch in 2016.

Promotional materials for the Alpod also includes speculative small-scale models showing the modules stacked into various towers, from which individual units may be removed and plugged back in as needed. This is reminiscent of visions for large-scale shipping container architecture—not to mention a single Alpod's boxy, horizontally-oriented shape itself comes off as a high-end shipping container (just without the feel-good upcycling component.) It also brings to mind a fantastical proposal to embed a Brazilian World Cup stadium with modular affordable housing. In any case, with micro-housing developments popping up all over the place, this would be one more intriguing project to follow, if pursued in earnest. Stay tuned.

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