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This Dinosaur Egg Candle Is the Best Candle

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A very real problem with buying candles is that, if we're being honest, they are all pretty much the same. Even with the scented varieties, it's just too hard to tell one candle from the next, and you end up paralyzed by the impossibly large range of choices and find yourself walking out of the store with no candle having purchased a fancy set of napkins instead because you were embarrassed not to buy anything.

To avoid that nightmare scenario, which happens to all of us at least once a week, next time you're thinking of buying a candle, simply ask yourself, "Is this candle shaped like a dinosaur egg with a little baby dino that appears to "hatch" as the candle burns down?" And if the answer is "no," stop what you're doing and get the Hatching Dinosaur Candle instead.

· Dinosaur Egg Candle Melts to "Hatch" an Adorable Baby Raptor [My Modern Met]