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This Tiny Mobile Home is the Netherlands' First, Architect Says

Architect Daniel Venneman knows tiny homes—and owns the domain name to prove it (that's Long an evangelist of the movement (and the co-founder of a tiny home village in the Netherlands), his latest project is "Porta Place," which the Dutch designer is touting as one of the first tiny homes in the Netherlands. The compact, timber-frame mobile house measures just two-and-a-half meters wide by four meters tall (that's about eight feet wide and 13 feet tall) and comprises a one-room living space with a lofted "bedroom" and multi-use furniture that serves dual—and sometimes more—functions. An interior staircase, for example, accommodates storage and its first step doubles as a side table.

Venneman's goal was to create a tiny home that felt even more spacious on the inside than its humble exterior suggested was possible. He also sought to show that it's possible to design beautifully with simple, 100% recyclable materials: The sloped steel roof, glass doors and windows, hemp-flax timber framing, and wood cladding can all be reused at the end of this home's life cycle. The sustainable design moves don't stop there: LED lights illuminate interiors, the house features a "dry toilet," and energy-generating solar panels all contribute to the tiny home's eco friendliness.

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