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May the Feng Shui Be With These Five Star Wars-Themed Household Items

Today is Star Wars day. Have you heard about this?

Star Wars day is a little strange, because everyone is obviously very excited about the movie but also the vast majority of us haven't seen it yet. So it's difficult to actually have a conversation about the thing that we are all thinking about beyond, "I hope it's good!" "Yes, me too!"

With that in mind, here are five weird Star Wars-themed things you could have in your house. Of course, there are approximately one million Star Wars-themed things that you could have in your house, so these are five of the weirdest/most adventurous.

Taxidermy is, as a rule, fairly gross and unsettling. Star Wars-themed taxidermy is the opposite of that. It is the best. And despite what artist Jon Defreest claims, no actual Wampas were harmed in the making of this taxidermied head. It really ties the room together, too.

This glassware modeled after the planets and moons that exist in a galaxy far, far away are not so much weird as they are very cool, and we want them. And what better way to demonstrate your support for the Rebel Alliance than by drinking milk out of a Deathstar?

If you want a rocking Speeder Bike, you'll have to build it yourself. Luckily, craftsman Tez Gelmir wrote out some detailed instructions after he made his own. Adorable baby not included.

Similarly, the Millennium Falcon bed is a custom job and not available for purchase. And we're guessing that this was quite an involved project to put together. Also, we're guessing that it was 100 percent worth it.

But if you're not up to building a bed, you could always just sleep on duvet covers/pillowcases printed with a life-size image of a very bewildered Chewbacca. Still creepy. Still awesome.