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$86K Portable Tiny Dwelling Is Totally Wind and Solar-Powered

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Remember the Ecocapsule, the futuristic egg-like mobile shelter that's entirely solar and wind-powered? Well, Nice Architects, the Slovakian studio who debuted an Ecocapsule prototype in May, is finally bringing the design to production. Pre-orders for the first, limited-edition batch of 50 Ecocapsules just launched, with each unit costing €79,000 (roughly $85,688). For intrigued potential customers sitting on the fence, the founders say the price is expected to drop in the coming years with an anticipated increase in production volumes and decrease in the cost of technologies used in the product.

Anyway, to recap: the shelter, which features an aluminum structure covered in insulated, fiberglass shells, can be transported via an average shipping container or trailer (the company is also developing a customized trailer for attaching the Ecocapsule). It offers about 67 square feet of usable floor space, a 750-watt wind turbine, 600-watt solar array, and 10-kWh battery capacity (which is expected to last at least four days.) The Ecocapsule also has a rainwater collection system with membrane filtering, a waterless composting toilet, as well as a built-in cabinets, racks, desk, folding bed with mattress, and kitchenette. It's designed to meet all the safety regulations in countries of sale, which for now includes all of the European Union, U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

When we first featured the Ecocapsule, readers made remarks like "The modern yurt," "Very Airstreamy," "Perfect for Burning Man!" Well, how about now—any takers? Below, some recent photos and a video demo.

And a video!

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