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Anonymous Buyer Purchases $301M French Chateau, Will Soon Rule the Known World

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An anonymous Middle Eastern buyer has apparently spent a world record 275 million euros ($301 million) on an enormous castle called Chateau Louis XIV, located outside Paris. Although the castle was built from 2008 to 2011, it is named after France's most famous monarch, the Sun King himself, who reigned three centuries ago from his seat at the castle of Versailles. And therefore, one can only assume that the buyer is planning to follow in Louis XIV's footsteps and consolidate his power by inviting the French nobility to come live with him in his giant castle, and then probably push Spain around a bunch.

Either that, or he or she is just going to enjoy his or her new aquarium, gold-leafed fountain, and hedged labyrinth.
· This $301 Million Paris Chateau Is the World's Priciest Home [Bloomberg]