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New Shipping Container Apartments in Phoenix Ask $1K/Month

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We know shipping containers can make some pretty awesome single-family homes, but what about a multi-unit apartment building? Washington, D.C. already has one such structure—a four-unit complex with wide-plank hardwood flooring and welded metal columns—and now, downtown Phoenix also has some shipping container apartments ready for tenants. As Dwell reports, Scottsdale-based design-build firm StarkJames turned 16 containers into eight, 740-square-foot rentals that will be available starting December 28, at a cost of about $1,000 a month. According to project architect Wesley James, that number is at or even slightly below market rate for the area.

Each one-bedroom unit has been brought to code and retrofitted with insulation, wiring, plumbing, windows, and drywall. The layout features a sleeping area and living room on two ends and a galley kitchen as a divider in the center. Judging by photos of a furnished apartment set aside for Airbnb (↓), the apartments ultimately look pretty normal, save for windows with huge metal siding as shutters. What say you, Curbed readers? Would you pay $1,000/month for this?

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