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Frank Lloyd Wright Clone in Chicago Suburb Wants $1.375M

Have you ever dreamed of living in a Frank Lloyd Wright home but didn't want to deal with the cost of renovation and ongoing maintenance that many of his historic homes require? Well here's a 6,500-square-foot suburban mansion built in the style of Wright's Prairie School that is only 20 years old. The low-slung yellow brick house appears to borrow some of its design inspiration from Wright's iconic Robie House in Hyde Park, although it's not an exact clone. Instead, it looks more like a mishmash of several famous Wright homes. You've got to give this homeowner/builder some credit as they were pretty committed to making sure this house had a Prairie vibe inside and out. Even the interior has that unmistakable Frank Lloyd Wright feel to it. The five bedroom home sits on a 7.6 acre property and is currently asking $1.375 million.

Curbed Chicago has loads of photos. >>