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Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti is Selling His Midcentury House

Before Mayor Eric Garcetti's move to the official mayoral house in Hancock Park, he and wife Amy Wakeland lived in a contemporary house in Silver Lake (now sold to a guy from the band M83), and before that, they lived in this hillside Echo Park house, which they've been renting out since 2011. But now, says the Wall Street Journal, they're ready to let that Echo Park house go for real, putting it up for sale for $1.65 million. Garcetti purchased the 1950s post and beam, plus two adjacent parcels, for just $365,000 in 2000, before Echo Park became the new Silver Lake. The couple renovated the house, adding environmentally friendly upgrades like solar panels and recycled plastic sliding doors—that plus its Mid-Century Modern style and well-chosen decor got it featured in Dwell back in 2008 (when Garcetti was City Council President).

Curbed LA has all the lovely photos. >>