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2015 Decor Trends: Things We Loved and Loathed

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What a year 2015 was for design trends. Entrenched ones (open-plan interiors, exposed brick walls, etc.) marched on, undeterred by the rise of newer styles and thinkpieces sounding the alarm of their imminent demise. Others, like the midcentury mania that reached a fever pitch in the era of Mad Men (which premiered in 2007, in case you've forgotten in the years since) or the passion for plywood as surfacing, seem to be slumping off into the horizon.

We loved, though, the resurgence of riotous, fun Memphis design—and things inspired by that movement's bright, colorful geometries—as a counterpoint to the staid elegance of midcentury modern pieces (which, we doubt, are truly disappearing anytime soon). We also loved that people are, more and more, embracing the rustic, time-worn, vintage details of their spaces, as in several renovations and conversions we've covered right here at Curbed.

When it comes to what we're excited to bid farewell, all-white interiors (impractical) and stainless steel appliances (far from stainless) come to mind. And we've written, too, about the abiding love for chalkboard (never okay) and exposed brick walls (only okay sometimes) and our exhaustion with that adoration.

So, tell us: What are you excited to see go? What do you hope will stick around? Let us know in the comments!

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