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312-Acre Martha's Vineyard Mega-Estate Asks $100M

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The latest nine-figure piece of real estate to hit the very high end of the market, a "312-acre oceanfront kingdom" on the south shore of Martha's Vineyard, offers any potential aristocrat the definition of a private estate, as well as postcard views of the surrounding landscape. Boasting 1,200 feet of private beach, the enormous parcel includes its own 35-acre pond and borders a wildlife refuge, in case there's need for additional privacy. The listing doesn't include many details on or images of the buildings and structures on site, which include a main residence with a tennis court and pool as well as a beach house, but the brokerbabble suggests just starting over and building your own castle near the coast would be a great idea. It's an hour by plane from New York and Boston, and you likely have enough room for a private runway. Those looking to downsize can pick up smaller parcels for $22 million.

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