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Is This Mini House in the Middle of a Pond a Regular House With a Curse on It?

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We covered this picturesque New Hampshire farm several years ago when it was first listed for $4.2 million. Since then, the price has been reduced to $3.4 million, and there are more photos to accompany the listing, one of which reveals that, in addition to the normal-sized farmhouse, there is a also a tiny farmhouse on a little island in the middle of the pond.

Why is there a tiny farmhouse in the middle of a pond? We don't know. But if we had to venture a guess, we'd say that it started as a normal farmhouse but then it did some very bad and had a curse placed on it, and the only way to turn it back is to swim out into the middle of the pond and give it a kiss. You'll only need to spend $3.4 million to find out if we're right.
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