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Curbed Cup 2nd Round Results! Ready for the Final Four

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In our Elite Eight round of the Curbed Cup this week, the field was stacked with some of the most iconic and beautiful ski towns around. Many of the favorites were knocked out, so now it's time to recap and move on to the Final Four.

The first match of the week was a big one when (12) Crested Butte took on (4) Jackson Hole. Despite its lower ranking, Crested Butte has been dominant throughout the competition and this round was no exception, winning by almost 300 votes.

As expected, (9) Truckee made a good showing with a win against (16) Whitefish, but more surprises were in store in later rounds. (6) Sun Valley made a huge win against highly-ranked (3) Whistler, and in a battle of Colorado giants, (7) Telluride won against (2) Aspen.

Voting in the Final Four round will commence next week. On Monday, December 28, Truckee will take on Crested Butte and on Tuesday, December 29, Sun Valley and Telluride will battle it out. May the best ski town win.