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Contemporary Canadian Cabins Near Mont Tremblant are a Steal Under $300K

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Six minutes from Mont Tremblant in Québec sits the development Fraternité-sur-Lac, where YH2 Architects have designed two projects that offer a unique take on what a Canadian mountain home should look like. Spahaus includes 21 homes with prices starting at around $274,000 for one of five models. With prices starting at $245,000, Trihaus has 10 units in five buildings. Both developments incorporate contemporary architectural cues and style into modern mountain homes that are priced and sized for a younger, more design-oriented demographic.

Ranging in size from 1,070 to 1,420 square feet, the Spahaus models each have two stories with multiple options for the ground floor. The smallest option can supplement the single bedroom with two extra beds, while the roomiest models can sleep seven through a combination of either two or three bedrooms. Nearly all the Spahaus models have the option of a spa and sauna.

The more recently developed Trihaus chalets are tri-level, semi-detached units with two options for the top floor, which includes a hot tub in either scenario. The top-floor bedroom option turns that hot tub into a private retreat, and there's still the first floor outdoor terrance for entertaining. With Trihaus units there's also the option for a turnkey furniture package, which is billed as increasing the resale or rental value.

Homes in Spahaus and Trihaus are explicitly marketed as second homes, and part of that is how easy Fraternité-sur-Lac has made it for owners to rent out their properties. The development has its own management team to handle all the work associated with keeping the homes secure, kept up and booked. Fraternité-sur-Lac should be an easy sell for vacationers, with its easy access to Lac Supérieur and the all the amenities and activities of Club de la Pointe.

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