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Prefab Dream Made Speedy Reality for San Francisco Family

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Welcome to House Calls, a recurring feature in which Curbed tours lovely, offbeat, or otherwise awesome homes in the Bay Area. Think your space should be featured next? Here's how to submit.

After failing to find a modern home in their price range, the Munday family invested in a prefab home; all finished house photos courtesy of East Bay Modern

Sara and Ben Munday were getting nowhere in their search for a modern home in the East Bay. "There just wasn't much on the market in our price range," says Sara. "We were either finding homes that were too expensive, or Eichler-like homes that needed a lot of work." Then, Sara spotted an article about a new kind of prefab home, one that promised high quality for a lower price. "I didn't believe a new home could be built for that amount," says Ben. "In fact, I didn't believe it until the day they finished." For prefab skeptics, this is a case study in efficiency, and ultimately, budget. See how Connect Homes helped meet the Munday's project goals, after the jump.

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Orinda, California