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House Calls: Enterprising Do-It-Yourselfers Remake Harlem Condo

Welcome to House Calls, a recurring feature on Curbed NY in which we profile real apartments, from the offbeat to the awesome.

[Allison and Andrew McNellis at their two-bedroom condo in Harlem. All photos by Max Touhey for Curbed.]

As a kid, Allison McNellis had a fascination with rearranging furniture in dollhouses. Even the smallest tweaks could alter the way a particular space felt to her. Here, we delve into a two-year renovation of a Harlem condo tackled by Allison and her husband, Andrew McNellis, who turned the space into a gorgeous two-bedroom abode full of repurposed, DIY furniture, artworks created by their friends and up and coming artists, and a space that is flooded with sunlight.

From drab to dapper in two years >>