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Year in Curbed: Gorgeous Renovations

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This year, we loved watching what happens when smart, sensitive architects tackle complex renovations (we even chronicled such a process in our first-ever Renovation Diary series, which is perfect for revisiting over the holidays!). Australia seemed to be the land of the gorgeous renovation, reigning supreme when it came to additions and extensions. We also noted lovely revamps in North Carolina, Brazil, London, and, well, all over. Take a look at our 10 picks in a year of stellar pads given new life.


'60s Bank-Turned-Hotel Exudes California Cool—in the Carolinas
We loved this suave renovation of a 1960s bank which was reborn a rad hotel in Durham, North Carolina.


Midcentury Pool House in Boston Revamped as Modern Pad
What happens when a 1960s pool house gets converted into a rather nice guest home? An enviable piece of property.


1600s Greek Isles Beauty Reborn After Earthquake
Speaking of enviable pieces of property, this 17th-century Greek isles home, renovated after an earthquake, is a dream.


Tiny Shotgun Home in Houston Becomes Stylish Office Space
It wasn't just residential properties that got the revamp treatment. Here, a former Texas home is transformed into a sleek workspace.


Old School Becomes 10 Chic Apartments in Fab Revamp
In the Netherlands, local architects gave this early-20th-century school a makeover, creating 10 very nice apartments from former classrooms (and a teachers lounge).


Tour a Habitat 67 Pad After its Sleek, Modern Renovation
A unit in Moshe Safdie's famous Habitat 67 complex got a gorgeous revamp.


Industrial Building Becomes Rad Student Housing and Hotel
The renovated-industrial-building scheme isn't anything new, but the mix of student housing and temporary lodgings made this colorful project seem fresh.


Renovated Boston Flat Gets Jazzed Up With Colorful Felt
Boston got in on the action, too, with this sleek modern apartment lined with felt. Yes, you read that right.


Suave Renovated Brazilian Pad Plays Up Concrete Modernism
In this São Paulo, Brazil, pad, rugged concrete takes center stage.


And, in our eight-part Renovation Diary series, a New York architect meticulously documents the process of breathing new life into a Brooklyn brownstone for himself and his wife. The entire process is really quite impressive, from beginning to glorious end.

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