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Get Ready, the Northwest Is Set For a Massive Snowstorm

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Looking to chase some powder? The Pacific Northwest is about to get hammered with precipitation. As Open Snow meteorologist Larry Schick wrote, skiers and snowboarders can expect "lots of snow- we are talking feet, many feet – many, many feet of snow."

The snow is coming from a series of storms that are lined up across the Pacific. There will be continuous storms with only minor breaks for at least the next 7 days, maybe more.

The chance of precipitation is almost guaranteed, but the big factor will be snow levels. In Whistler, for example, various 7-day forecasts call for anywhere from 55 to 115 inches of snow. That's a big range. The difference will be whether the temperatures can stay warm enough. Larry Schick believes that, "For the next ten days the snow level will be around 3500-4500ft, sometimes as low as 2500ft and as high as 5500ft." To put these levels in perspective, remember that Whistler's base village is at about 2,200 feet.

All of the Northwest will benefit from these storm cycles, so ski areas like Whistler, Mount Baker, Crystal Mountain, Stevens Pass, and Mt. Bachelor should all plenty of snow, especially up top.

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