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Check Out The 13 Hotel Projects Happening In Aspen, Colorado

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Aspen is going through somewhat of a hotel renaissance. The Aspen Daily News counts 13 hotel projects currently in the city pipeline or soon to be. Most of the projects are a mix of hotel rooms, timeshares, fractional ownership and free market units. And it looks like that mix helps the projects pencil out without any zoning breaks from the city. Curbed Ski has covered a number of these projects before, so without further ado, here's the full list.

1. Dancing Bear phase 2: 219 E Durant Ave.
Work stalled at this project in 2009 but started up again last year. When construction is finished in February, the development will have 10 fractional ownership units of between 1,800 to 2,000 square feet plus a 3,200-square-foot penthouse. It will also include a restaurant, spa and an underground tunnel linking the project to its first phase across the street.

2. Sky Hotel: 709 E Durant Ave.
In place of the 90-room, 43,000-square-foot lodge now on the site, plans have been approved by Aspen's City Council for a 104-unit, 91,500-square-foot project including 11 timeshares. The building plan is currently under review.

3. Molly Gibson: 101. W Main St. and Hopkins Avenue
This project would upgrade a lodge with 53-rooms split over two lots to a 68-room, 26,000-square-foot property on W Main Street and two free market homes totaling 8,000 square feet to be built on Hopkins Avenue. The City Council approved the project in January 2015, and the building permit should be submitted in 2016.

4. Hotel Lenado: 200 S Aspen St.
The old 17-room hotel is being replaced with a 10,885-square-foot building with four rental units and two free market condos. The project cleared the Planning and Zoning Commission, but the City Council could still send the project back to the commission for more review.

5. Aspen Club Residences: 1450 Crystal Lake Rd.
The Aspen Club and Spa will undergo and expansion of the main building and a new building will add 20 timeshare condos and 105,750 square feet of new space. The property will also get a new pool and heath club facilities. An amended plan for the project was approved in March 2015.

6. Boomerang: 500 W Hopkins Ave.
The Boomerang Lodge, which was built in the 1960s, was mostly demolished in 2007, with only the east wing remaining. That east wing will be preserved as part of a new 47-unit condo hotel with five additional free market residences all as part of a 45,000-square-foot building. The project has stalled since its 2006 approval, but new owners announced last May that they would seek a building permit for a 2007 approval.

7. Lift One Lodge
This parcel surrounding Lift One Park will become a two-building, 77,000-square-foot development with restaurants, retail space and 22 timeshare units that can turn into 84 rooms. The project was originally approved in 2011, but its new owners might submit an amended plan.

8. Hotel Jerome
The owners of this historic hotel bought an adjacent 5,500-square-foot property in 2012 and now plan to build four 1,500-square-foot units in what was once the Aspen Times building. The City Council is expected to review the plan in 2016.

9. Crystal Palace: 300 and 312 E Hyman Ave.
The 9,000-square-foot lot on Hyman street that now hosts Crystal Palace dinner theater could become a 22,000-square-foot lodge with 16 rooms and two suites. The project still needs approval from the Historic Preservation Commission.

10. Hotel Aspen: 110 W Main St.
This project would turn a 45-room property into a 54-room one with an additional three free market townhomes. The total square footage would jump from 27,000 square feet to 35,000 square feet. Development should proceed after the Molly Gibson project.

11. Base 1: 730 E Cooper Ave.
City Council has approved turning a Domino's Pizza and other businesses on a 6,900-square-foot lot into a three-story, 17,300-square-foot building with 44 rooms, averaging less than 200 square feet. It's unclear when the project will get underway.

12. Cisneros Real Estate: Between Fifth and Seventh streets
This property on the south side of West Hopkins Avenue is still in Pitkin County's jurisdiction, but its owners want to have the land annexed into Aspen in order to build a 140-room hotel with 31 fractional ownership units and four free market condos. The annexation process is underway, but the final decision is dependent on what the city thinks about the land use application.

13. Gorsuch Haus: South Aspen Street
This project aimed at revitalizing the Lift 1A base includes 61 rooms, six free market units and restaurant and retail space as part of a 75,000-square-foot building. The partners behind the project laid out their plan in a public meeting recently, but nothing formal has been filed with the city.

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