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Are Mobiles the New Pendants?

In 2015, it seems, some of our favourite designers decided they were done with pendant lamps, and started filling the space above our heads with mobiles instead. While still highly visual and aesthetically pleasing, however, the 21st century mobile is also functional, with integrated hardware like dimmer switches and LED bulbs.

Spanish studio Goula /Figuera created the Lines & Dots collection (↑) that, in addition to the large range pictured, also allows clients to create new designs and adapt each light fitting to their project.

Brooklyn favorite Ladies and Gentlemen Studio created the Aura (↑), available in brass or copper, as a design that takes light back to its most basic elements: source and illumination.

On the west coast, Seattle powerhouse Iacoli & McAllister created another version of the Spica (↑), which is named after the brightest star in the Virgo constellation, and casts a beautiful, molecular shadow when illuminated. This version was originally created as a special commission, involving hours spent wrapping the bars in embroidery thread by hand.

The Counterweight Mobile (↑), produced by New York's Fort Standard for lighting brand Roll and Hill, takes the original concept of Alexander Calder's delicately balanced mobiles into the realm of home decor, with a series of LED fixtures in steam-bent wood using marble and brass as ballast.

Honorable mention also goes to other Roll and Hill collaborations, the Bounce shade by Karl Zahn and Shape Up 3 by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio.

And lastly, bicoastal The Future Perfect has a vintage-style Modello 2129 designed by Sarfatti in 1969 (↑), a graceful piece where the adjustable cup-shaped reflector is counterweighted and powered via a wire in a translucent tube, so it appears the arch and diffuser are floating in space.