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Of Course the Most Absurd Mansion of All Time Is in New Jersey

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A house like this one almost seems like parody, and, in fact, if it wasn't for the fact that no one has ever built a multi-million-dollar home in jest, we would be convinced that it was parody. But it's not. This place in Colonia, New Jersey is for real, and it is asking $4.5 million. Here is a sampling from the listing:

From the moment you enter, each and every setting inspires you with wonder and romance. As one of the most luxuriously appointed homes, the interior is certainly celebrated for its superb European style craftsmanship and its irresistible charm derived by a stunning use of marble and granite, hand crafted molding, mahogany French doors with lead glass inserts, gold-leaf accents... The whole thing is worth reading, and all the pictures are more than worth checking out.

· (Undisclosed Address), Colonia, NJ [Zillow]