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Inside the Most Expensive, Exclusive Zip Code in Atlanta—And What Your Zip Code Says About You

A zip code is a veiled socioeconomic signal, with which we infer much about a person who lives within its confines. Just five digits can reveal hints about income, education level, hobbies, political leanings, and more. Not that those clues can't be wrong.

But Esri, a market research and GIS data company, has built a website that examines broad swaths of a people within a postal area—like the Beverly Hills of the South, Buckhead's 30327, which happens to be Georgia's most expensive zip code, the nation's 235th priciest, and, according to the Gadberry Group, the second wealthiest zip code in the South behind Palm Beach's 33480. Forbes reports that the median price of homes in this suburb is $1,460,595, with an average of 170 long days on market and 196 homes in inventory.

So, what are the people who live in these homes like? Is there a type? Esri thinks so. And if you are neither one of those people, nor do you know anyone who does, then read on to get their broadly personal information.

Let's unzip this >>