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8 Small-Space Design Stories That Made a Big Impact

It was a big year for small spaces. From Paris to Seattle and back again, we covered ingenious solutions for tiny living, especially ones that made the most of limited square footage in the world's notoriously dense urban centers. There were also those that found clever fixes for the eternal problem of what to do with all that stuff (and we had recommendations of our own aplenty.) Below, feast your eyes on 8 of our favorites from the year.


Exclusive: Tour Instagram Star Patrick Janelle's Chic 500-Square-Foot Rental in New York City
Lifestyle Instagrammer Patrick Janelle had his 500-square-foot pad revamped by the folks at Homepolish, who helped Janelle make the most of tight quarters in his Manhattan rental. Check out that story, and accompanying tips for your own space, this way.


9 Small-Space Solutions From Ingenious Tiny Parisian Pads
A piece rounding up 9 of the best small-space interior designs out of the City of Lights.


This 140-Square-Foot Apartment Has Everything You'd Need
In a mere 140-square-feet, a Polish designer created a space that included a sleeping loft, storage, and room, too, for a writing desk. Take a look.


Small-Space Design Tricks Fill This European Rental Pad
This quite-nice small flat is a rental unit in Budapest, Hungary, meant for short-term rental to tourists.


Inside a Practical Starter Home That's Just 540 Square Feet
A young South Korean family makes its first home in a modest unit.


280-Square-Foot Tiny House Sits Atop a Japanese Cookie Shop
Japan got in on the tiny interiors game, too, and this 280-square-foot apartment above a cookie shop (must smell great!) was a standout.


Ikea Thinks Movable Walls Can Solve Your Tiny Apartment Woes
Ikea had some thoughts on the whole tiny living thing: What if you could simply move the walls as needed?


Brilliant Tiny Apartment in Madrid Demands a Ton of Climbing
This 226-square-foot apartment in Madrid capitalized on the cardinal rule of tiny living: Use all your vertical space.

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